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Participare is a reliable powerful versatile trustworthy Participatory Budgeting platform

Our Features

Anti Fraud Mechanisms

Advanced fraud risk assessment algorithms.

Audit Participation

Full audit of participant registration and voting.

Process Control

Set up every phase with dates.

Simplified Vote

Time saver and engaging voting process.

Multilingual Support

Boost minorities participation.

Social Networks

Let people promote their projects easily.

Customer Support

Your success is our online support team goal.

Experts Network

Local advisors that can help you make it work (better).

and more...

Pay for what you use. No hosting needed.
Set up and launch in just minutes.
Built with a mobile first approach.
Analyze process data.

The fastest way to set up your online Participatory Budgeting. Check out our options and features included.

Anti-fraud Mechanisms

Fraud risk assessment algorithms help you keep you Participatory Budgeting process trust.

Get just in time information about registration and voting fraud risks based on advanced algorithms. Detect suspected registrations or votes, manage whitelist and blacklist, regulate automatically generated graylist. Create and build your community around trust.

Multilingual Interface

Minorities and ethnographic diverse communities engage more if approached in their native language. Create a single place for all to participate.

Make all information available in every idiom used by your communities. Control the translation to customize to your specific needs. Make people feel comfortable to propose and engage in their native language. You can then translate and create engaging dynamics.

Audit Participation

Participant registration and voting full audit, creating a transparent and trustworthy platform.

Make security a main issue and treat it as transparent as possible. Let users know that everything is controlled in order to keep their privacy and process safety protected. Let them help you ensure verifiability. Trust must be a two way commitment.

Vote & Register easy process

Cut time to register and vote, making participation an easy and not time consuming process. Make them "bite the hook" fast and then keep them engaged!

We transform the registration and voting into a simple and direct process, integrating offline and online channels. Increasing engagement is our goal, so we make available all possible participation and ensure unicity by identity control. Voting either by ballot or online has never been so easy. After that, it is your job to get them